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A Security Token is the digitalised representation of a Security on the Blockchain, the value of which is derived from real world assets.

Why tokenise with digital securities


Regulation, Governance and Compliance rules, as well as Dividend Distribution and Voting Rights can be built into the Token structure through the use of Smart Contracts. Tokens can be interoperable across Blockchains.


The nature of Security Tokens on the Blockchain means that investors will have access to global markets 24/7, irrespective of location. Lower barriers to entry, as well as more diverse participation in markets, can have a positive effect on liquidity levels.

Transparency and Immutability

All transactions are recorded and verifiable through the Blockchain. Transactions are immutable meaning that records cannot be tampered with and as a result information stored on the Blockchain can be trusted.

Fractional Ownership

Fractionalisation will allow co-ownership of assets to become a reality and will encourage smaller investors to participate. Combined with Blockchain technology, fractional ownership will allow larger value investments such as real estate or fine art to be available to a wider investor market.

Faster and Cheaper Transactions

Smart Contracts will allow for some parts of the exchange process to be automated. By automating processes, some intermediaries can be removed, likely resulting in faster transactions and lower costs.

Access to Global Capital

Blockchain technology permits investor participation from all over the world, allowing buyers and sellers to trade in assets that previously may not have been as easily accessible.

Block Atelier empowers businesses with efficient and transparent advisory services on their complex, critical, and financially significant business decisions.

What We Do

Business Tokenisation

  • Feasibility and Profitability Analysis.
  • Business Model Consulting.
  • Token Use and Economic Model Consulting.
  • Legal and Compliance Consulting.

Token Sales Advisory

  • Marketing Strategy Consulting.
  • Token Sale Time Frame, Sale Structure and Planning Consulting.
  • Assisting in the preparation of Supporting Legal Documents.

Strategic Introduction

  • We capitalise on our strong global network, to help our clients build strong partnerships with industry experts around the world.
  • We provide resources to help businesses design strategies and to help expand their market resources.
  • Introduction to our partners, including: Institutional Investors, Issuance Platforms, Law Firms and registered Alternative Trading Systems (ATS).

Marketing Advisory

  • We help clients build their public image through Chinese Blockchain media. Our media partners have interviewed more than 300 industry leaders and corporate executives, and their written articles have had over 100 million views.
  • We can organise global roadshows and participate in high-quality blockchain conferences and forums.

Block Atelier helps businesses implement Blockchain technology to transform and tokenise their business structure from concept to delivery. We work closely with clients to offer them a one-stop flexible consultancy service as well as assisting in legal structuring.

Who We Are

After graduating from top-class institutions all over the world, our team members have gained insights in their work from a host of different firms including: Family Wealth Funds, Hedge Funds, well-known Blockchain Development Firms and Media.


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